Electronics Engineering was my first job and I had learned an important lesson after I got married some

 decades ago. I let my good friend take snapshots of

 my wedding way back then. It was fun and we had some  memories of it, but was it great memories of one of the  most important events of my life?  My friend tried his best , however, photography was not his profession.

Capturing special moments and

freezing them in time like a time capsule is what I do.

I believe in ninja style photography.

In a wedding ceremony, you don't need to

see me to catch  those precious moments.

I just surprise you with endearing  photographs that you will treasure for a life time.

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Wedding Photography ; Location/Event Photography

Debuts and Quinceaneras ; Corporate Portraits

Family Portrait Sessions ; Still-Life/Illustration Photography

High School Senior Photography

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Reasons to call me :

1. It's too troublesome to hold your iPhone stick during your wedding vows and first kiss.

2. Somebody stole your tripod.

3. It's time to trust someone who already made the necessary mistakes to be a professional photographer.

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408 803 0508

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